We are a Funding


We offer banking instruments such as Bank Guarantee, Stand-By Letter of Credit, Letter of Credit without no collateral, we also offer loans for our clients.


We are specialized in all kinds of project funding:

  • Project Finance (Up to 100%)
  • Loans for Real Estate projects
  • Venture Capital
  • Bridging Loans for businesses
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Credit Facility Agreement
  • Leased Proof of Funds
  • Verification of Financial Instruments
  • Letters of Credit
  • Monetization of bank guarantees
  • Collateral Security Enhancement
  • Unseccured Personal Loans
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Award-Winning Loan Company

We have won alot of awards that landed us where we are today, we have closed deal and executed deals successfully with more than 279 companies.


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We closed deal successfully in a flexible and unconditional manner, i am very glad and satisfied.

Bipin Kumar

Our company wanted funds for our projects and we saw an advert about loan from Asa Finanacani Company, we applied and was given loan to fund our projects.

Terex Group LTD

We applied for loan from asa financani and our application was successful, we closed deal flexibly.

Lisa Tan Sue

My company applied for loan and we completed our contract successfully.

Solomon Jinping

We needed 5 Billion Dollars for our various projects funding and Asa Fanancani Company loaned the money to us, we are so grateful!.

Jing Son

I applied for loan from Asa Financani Company and my application was successful, i am very happy.

Ravi Modi